Ready to dive into Drupal?


A Drupal Immersion is an excellent way to start your journey. Here are the bullet points:

* Get access to Drupal experts 100% of the time
* Build the skills you want to build
* Be constantly engaged in the information that will be the most useful to you
* Get access to one of the most comprehensive Drupal video libraries on the planet

Unlike traditional trainings, we use a Mentored Training model, which gives you access to one-on-one mentorship the entire training. When you hit a stumbling block in Drupal, it can be hard to get past it without being able to connect with a Drupal expert, so our focus is giving each trainee that support, 100% of the time.

Instead of live lectures - which can be a challenge to focus on for more than 15 minutes at a time - we use a collection of some of the best video tutorials on the planet. These videos - unlike a live person - can be rewound to catch a phrase you might have missed, can be fast-forwarded if you already know the information, and can be paused when you're ready to dig in and apply what you've been learning. And the videos leverage a unique transcript-based navigation so you can quickly scan the content of a video, read along as the video progresses, and use the video text to quickly jump to different parts of the video.

This combination of high-quality video tutorials along with plenty of one-on-one help is the perfect combination for accelerating up the Drupal learning curve. You can leverage a huge collection of practical examples built into the lessons, or bring your own project to work on. And no matter what your experience level is, we can help you find the topics that are going to be most engaging for you to work on.

Drupal immersions have been helping to develop Drupal talent across the world, from Australia to Minnesota. They're a lot of fun, and trainees always learn a ton.

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