O'Reilly Supports DrupalCorn Again and Again!!

I have had a wonderful relationship with O'Reilly as a Drupal Users Group Organizer for many years. I first reached out to O'Reilly in 2009 and they graciously provided support without hesitation. Over the years I have gone back to O'Reilly many times and they have never turned me down.

I leveraged the first release of "Using Drupal" as a way to help users learn the contributed modules in a practical way. The G.D.O event post produced an awesome module list for Drupal 6. And I gave away several books provided by O'Reilly.

I recently ran the same module tour but used the second edition of "Using Drupal". Again, it produced a great list of Drupal 7 modules to know.

O'Reilly has stepped up again and has offered a book to every attendee of DrupalCorn Camp 2012. Not like you didn't already have enough reason to attend. Thank you O'Reilly for this gift and all that you have done over the years. O'Reilly Rocks!